Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Small Window

Every now and then Nia will just start talking about life at the mission, aka orphanage. This morning at breakfast was one of those rare, wonderful glimpses into the window of her Former Life.

We met Mother Brown when we brought Nia home. She's a large Liberian woman with a loud, booming voice. Nia was telling Jacob (8yrs) about how Mother Brown used to beat children all over their bodies, including the face, and that she, herself, was the recipient of such a beating on her backside. Mother Brown would tell children that the witches would come at night and carry the children up into the air to be sacrificed if they didn't obey. Nia told us about 2 children at the orphanage who were supposedly Witch Princesses and Witch Prince, the children of a witch.

Honestly, these children may have truly been children of a witch, or from how Nia described them, they may have just had a physical deformity and were the victims of labels and verbal abuse.

We told Nia that, yes, indeed there are witches, but they don't fly in the air and they will never take her away in the night. We tried to stress that Mommy and Daddy will always tell her the truth about things. We don't want to scare her into obedience, but we want her to obey from a heart that loves God. I don't know about her salvation, it's just too hard to tell. She obviously knows bible stories and things about Jesus, but it's so mixed up as Folklore Theology. Some truth, lots of folklore.

And then the window closed....for now.


Laurie Lynn said...

Wow. I am constantly reminded that of how blessed I am to have my family and a life here. I love reading your blogs. It's become a daily routine. I check Facebook, Gmail, Coming Home, and then...MTSU email, ugh. I love you and love reading about the memories you are making.

Brandi said...

Praying for you in the discernment when the past comes out and for the hearts. . yours as you deal with your precious daughter's pain and the pain that causes you and her as she allows you glimpses of her hurting heart.


Uncle Mark said...

I'm with Laurie. I can't wait to get home every day just to check the blog. The idea of being part of this family is truly a blessing. Love you guys much.

Sara said...

Oh Angel!!

Listen, I'm at a loss now (because I have a high fever and am not thinking well) the name of that amazing couple in KY who is in the process of adopting from Liberia and who have had a connection with several older kids from Liberia from the same orphanage. Those kids are grown and can and will tell you all about it. One of them got up and talked before the church when we were up there visiting and it was heart breaking. Just heart breaking. Consider being in touch with her. Anything you can learn will speed up the process of knowing. These poor kids have been through a literal hell on earth. Knowing won't make it possible to change it, but it can certainly help give you a superhuman ability to love in those moments that require a supernatural love.

Hugs to you and to her,

Pregont Family said...

Sara, that couple is the Reinhardts?? I think? I'll ask Alice who those girls were.

Sara said...

It was Alice! That incredible woman is Alice. If that's not enough info, remind me when I'm well, and I'll come up with it.


AAAHH I just saw your post. Yes! It's them! And the girls had stayed at their house the night before we were at their church. The stories, just the few we heard at the service, were horriffic. There's no way anyone makes it out of there unscathed.

Sara said...

'Nother thought. After a woman like MOTHER Brown, it would make one want to make sure her adoptive mother were the real McCoy by putting her through the paces a few times, wouldn't it. Talk about a horrible choice of names for one so abusive.