Saturday, January 05, 2008

Stealing Tears

Every night after Nia climbs up to her bunk, she takes the ladder off and leans it against the wall. When we ask why, she just laughs. We figured it had something to do with feeling safe and protected...that no one would climb up and hurt her in the night. Every morning she puts it back and climbs down, leaving it attached to her bunk.

Last night about 3:30am, Isabel sauntered into our room and climbed into bed with us. 30 seconds later Nia came running 100 mph into our room and threw herself between me and Matt. She was screaming, crying, and trembling, and calling for her Daddy. She shook and sobbed while I held her tight, then drifted off to sleep. I got up and went into her room to turn off the lamp that we leave on every night. I noticed that her ladder was still up against the wall, which led me to believe that she jumped out of bed due to a sense of urgency.

This morning, she shared her dream......Her enemy (there were 3 identities that equalled one enemy) was hurting Isabel's face. The enemy was going to take Nia's tears. And something about from Nia's head to her feet. Then she ran.

We told her that God is bigger than her enemy. If she will say His Name over and over the enemy will flee because it knows it will never win against God. We told her that the enemy can never hurt her, but it just wants to scare her.

These dreams are spiritual. Most kids dream about things that happened that day or something they saw on TV. We believe these dreams are demonic and straight from the enemy to terrorize our daughter. She has seen and been exposed to things we will never begin to fathom. But God knows, and He is bigger. He knows He is the Victor. And so does the enemy.


Brandi said...


Oh Jesus, protect this sweet one's mind. Father, send your angels to guard her bed tonight. May the enemy not be allowed access to her room. If she wakes, may your name be the first thing on her mind. Oh Lord, fight for her. Let her see it. . heal her wounds and let her see you once and for all as her defender. In your holy and precious name. amen


Ginger said...

I stand in agreement with Brandi. Praying for Nia and you guys!



Sara said...

God's the biggest! Do you have that Veggie Tales video? We are praying!


Matt Pregont said...

You guys are awesome to pray for us and her. Thank you.