Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Today Nia woke up feeling sassy, I guess. She started off teasing and disobeying right off the bat. After we had a stern talk with her, she tried to isolate herself. Matt put her on his lap and held her tight to keep her there while she struggled. She wailed and screamed as if she were being beaten. This closeness was just too intimate for her to handle. He finally carried her into our room and held her on our bed. She continued to fight him. We kept saying, "Just receive the hug." This went on for about 30 minutes with full flailing and screaming (like a grief scream, you might even say moaning). So, Good Morning New Year.

Things are back to normal several hours later. During the battle, we have to remind ourselves that normal is just around the corner (sort of).

Nia has been doing computer games to help her learn phonics. The games always encourage her by saying things like, "Great Job!" She has picked up on it and I've heard her say to her siblings, "Fabulous! " "Super!" "You've Got it Now!" It reminds me of someone who might learn to talk by listening to the radio only.


Ginger said...

Liberian English is learning thru hearing only, isn't it? Isaac at six, had no idea "th" was a sound. He lost another toof the other night, on Tursday. He's never satisfied at dinnertime, unless he's had terds. We try in vain to tell him that we won't give him terds for dinner, that's gross! But he wants more after he's had seconds. LOL

Brandi said...

That's awesome! I don't think it's strictly Liberian, though, b/c Brayden says "super duper fun" all the time which is a saying from The Mickey Mouse Club! ha ha!