Tuesday, February 05, 2008

All The Different Layers

Nia truly never ceases to amaze me. Another adoptive family in the US has a child from Nia's tribe, the Kru tribe. Their daughter has been in the States for a while and has forgotten some of the Kru words she knows. I asked Nia if she would let me videotape her saying Kru words that we could send to this family. She said, "I can speak 3 languages.....English, Kru, and Vi (sp?)."

"Three languages?"


And she can sew, cook, braid like nobody's business, draw clothing designs, climb a tree faster than a monkey, and Lord knows what else that we haven't discovered yet.


Anonymous said...

Wow...it's a shame she won't be able to use the languages here in the states. The spelling is Vai, btw.


Brandi said...

She is such an amazing girl. You are going to have such adventures with her. This hard work now will so pay off in the end. God has big plans for this one!

PS I'd love to see that video too!


Pregont Family said...

Thanks, Melodie for correcting my spelling. Are you a Sheppard, by chance?

Missy said...

Levi is from the Vai tribe (Red Water Mouth Village is Vai from what I understand); and from what I have researched it is one of the few written languages. I would love to hear some of it if you are ever willing to send me some audio or video of it.