Sunday, February 10, 2008

Holy Water

I spooned with Nia in her bed today while she cried/moaned. I wrapped my arms around her, but she resisted and fought my embrace. I stroked her back, but she flinched. I rubbed her arm, but she pulled away. So, I just started saying, I love you, I love you, I love you. Those words brought about louder wailing. I said, Jesus loves you, Jesus loves you.

She reacted as if I was torturing her with those words and with my touch. Like holy water on a vampire (I saw w-a-y too many scary movies growing up). At one point I said, Nia, just relax and receive my love. It feels good to be loved.

Finally, I left her alone. About an hour later she emerged quietly and joined the family. We took her into the fold, so to speak, and said we were happy to see her. Then life went on as usual, like nothing ever happened.

I'm planning to talk to her about what happened today once we get a little distance from it.

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charity said...

Our daughter often does this too. She will weep when she is upset (usually from not getting her way) and when I touch her it is EXACTLY the same way-she is even that way when I hug her on a day to day basis!!! Work in progress though!!