Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nia's Version

Nia had a liver biopsy done yesterday to determine if she has Auto-Immune Hepatitis. This is when the body creates antibodies that attack her own liver. It cannot be transferred to others....it's just something the body does to itself.

Anyway, here's how she told it to her siblings (you might have to read it out loud to understand):

Ma tow me to da hospital and they juke me here wid a needle. Den dey give me books to color, but dey give me noting to eat. Ah was soooo hawngry! Den I get very sleepy and dey take me away and dey cut my flesh. When ah wake up dey make me lay on my side all de day long. Dey finally give me jelly and apple juice. Mah nurse give me dis preddy blanket and little puppy. Ah was very tired of laying in de bed all de day. Ma says I cannot tow you on my back dis week. No running or playing hard. Ah am very sore where dey cut my flesh and here where dey juke me.

My version: Nia got an IV. The biopsy procedure took about 10 minutes. It involved a small, miniscule incision to insert the biopsy needle. They had to take 2 samples since the first wasn't big enough. She got pampered, hand-fed (jello), and lived the life of royalty the rest of the day at the hospital. She can't do anything involving much exertion this week. She might have a little bruise on her side and in her hand from the IV. We'll have the results back in about one week.


Ginger said...

Made me think of the issues I'm having teaching Isaac to read. He can't figure out for the life of him how to pronounce th. And he's never heard the word "has" -- he kept saying, "The dog have. . ." and "She have. . ." His brain just won't process the correct word b/c he's never heard it a day in his Liberian life.

Praying for Nia's results.

Brandi said...

Oh too funny! I love "dey juke me"! I wish it were a video to really hear the liberian accent!

Tell her I'm SO sorry for all the horrible things that they did to her! haha. . .oh what we'll do for sympathy!


Mark S. Lynn said...

Tell Nia Uncle Mark is proud of her for being so very brave....

Jamie said...

LOL That is so cute! I love hearing how the children talk!