Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Nia said that Mother Brown would beat any girls that even thought about wearing pants at the orphanage. That explains why Nia insisted on wearing skirts the first month home (November), even to the point of freezing all the time. Can you imagine what she thought of her New Mommy who put on a pair of jeans 30 minutes before leaving for the Monrovian airport? Going to h_ll in a hand-basket faster than you can blink your eye.

I actually liked wearing skirts every day in Liberia. I grew up wearing skirts. Never put a pair of pants on until I was 18 and in college. Skirts and dresses are just cooler for me in the summer. But, honey, come winter my legs never see the light of day.

Anyways, there's just all manner of lies to unearth and replant with Truth.


Ginger said...

I will pray that all these things will be revealed sooner rather than later, for Nia's sake.
We are much the same way around here - love wearing dresses and skirts Spring thru Fall, but when it gets cold we all wear jeans every day. Funny.

Anonymous said...
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Brandi said...

Have you asked her what she thought of that?

I'm with you, skirts and tanks during the summer and jeans during the winter (although winter means something totally different down here!)