Monday, February 11, 2008


Isabel (4yrs) adopted from China said yesterday, "My Chinese mommy and daddy taught me how to play cards. Then they died." Isabel came home when she was 11mths old and we have NO idea about her bio parents.

Hudson (5yrs) biological son said, "Mommy, how old was I when you came to Africa to get me?"

We've been watching the Little House on the Prairie TV series and loving it! One of my favorite quote is when Mary and Laura are sitting on the front steps of the Olsons store...

Mary: "That Nellie Olson is the meanest girl I've ever seen. I could never be that mean."
Laura: "I could. Even meaner if Ma and Pa would let me."

I can SO relate to Laura.

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Ginger said...

I'm impressed that Isabel learned so much at such a young age. LOL
LOVE the Little House quote! I'm thinking of a certain Clark who could really understand those sentiments.