Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pressing Pause

We've been at Panama City Beach, FL this week due to the generosity of some friends letting us stay at their condo. The funny thing is that Nia grew up about one hour from the ocean in Liberia, but has never seen it until this week. The kids were up at 6:30am the first morning chompin' at the bit to hit the beach. We managed to hold them off til 8am. They have dug holes up to their waists in the sand, built castles with moats, splashed in the ocean, pool, and hot tub, and crashed each night. I have loved watching them play together. When the waves threatened their castles, they were all hands on deck to build a wall to block the water. When the seagulls attacked us while we ate snacks, we all stood together waving our arms to fend them off. We SO needed to press Pause and get away from the Daily Grind. We just haven't had enough play time together.

We have collected shells and taken long walks together. We have eaten outside on the balcony. We have stayed in our jammies as long as possible and then worn swimsuits the rest of the day. In case you haven't noticed, I'm sad to leave. I took off my watch the first night we arrived and haven't looked at it since. I'm sure people who live at the beach have problems like the rest of us, but it seems like you'd get over them quicker by feeling the sand between your toes and watching the massive ocean bring waves crashing at your feet. I'm hoping God will give us an idea for a Beach Ministry so we can move here. :- )


Beth Wilmot said...

We just came home from PCB last week! Yes, it is definitely a beautiful place and we had a blast! Sorry we missed you...would have been fun to get caught up!

Jon and Beth

Kim said...

Let me know when you start your ministry there and my family will come and join you:) I absolutely love the beach. It is my personal idea of what Heaven should look like.

Missy said...

It sounds lovely, like my kind of vacation. You are more than welcome to come stay at the Hickmans once we get down there in June. Just give me a month to unpack. Glad you get this break. Looking forward to some pictures.

Brandi said...

It does sound like my kind of vacation! Especially long walks on the beach. . .there's just something about the ocean that brings you closer to Jesus, huh?!