Monday, March 17, 2008

The Back Yard

This is our back yard. Yes, it's a lot like what you'd expect the Clampett's to have pre-Beverly Hills. Now you know why I applied for a Back Yard Makeover on HGTV (the verdict is still out on whether or not we've been chosen).

So, today my kids came inside to tell me about all the grass they'd pulled up. "Grass?", I said, knowing we don't have any grass. They beckoned me to follow, so I did. What I discovered was a pile of hundreds upon hundreds of flower bulbs. Bulbs that would've soon bloomed into little blue flowers to provide me with the only beauty our back yard might ever behold. I fell apart. I bawled. Out loud. I'm talking heaving, can't catch your breath bawl. Somehow these bulbs (maybe hyacinth?) had managed to survive 40 years of renters using their precious earth as a parking lot, and in one fell swoop these "onions" were destroyed by the Pregont Children one sunny afternoon.

I remember my own mother's face when I showed her my art on the driveway that I created with her marigold blooms. I was so proud of myself for being so resourceful. And I remember when the fellas from church unknowly mowed down her shrubs in our backyard. Hell hath no fury like a woman whose shrubs have been mowed down.

And so now I lament over the loss of my own precious blooms, the name of which I don't even know. Let's all bow our heads for a moment of silence, please.


Brandi said...

So, which show did you apply for? I've been watching the shows to see which one I thought it was. . I've seriously been really hoping you'd win!


Pregont Family said...

We applied to a Summer Showdown. The HGTV website lists several different rooms in a house or the backyard that you can apply for.

Ariel Allison Lawhon said...

My boys did the same thing to my tomatoes last summer. Being eight months pregnant didn't help me keep things together. It was ugly. I didn't even have to send them to their room. They fled there all by themselves out of sheer terror. I don't think they've seen me cry like that before or since. I'll light a candle for your flowers!

Missy said...

I really don't think you were actually crying over the bulbs. During a less stressful time of your life, I'm sure you would have just let it roll right off your back.

I am praying for you and Nia. I'm also going to pray for that backyard makeover for you too. You're house looks darling, even from the back view.