Wednesday, March 05, 2008


The Pregont Family is officially on file at the Center for Disease Control. The docs at Vanderbilt were intrigued with Nia yesterday. In fact, several docs were called in to see this girl who may have such a rare parasite. Ultimately, her bloodwork will be sent to CDC to confirm nasty presence of Schistomoniasis. The results should come back in about, oh, say, 6 months. Meanwhile, we are going to treat as if she has it. After a few days of meds it should be gone. The symptoms of enlarged spleen and elevated liver functions and anemia should disappear if this is indeed a parasite. Otherwise, I'm sure there's more tests to be done.

I've applied for a backyard makeover on some HGTV show. Please, please, please Lord. I just want some grass. That's all. And a pool if You're feeling especially generous towards me. Thanks.


Brandi said...

oooh, the CDC. . .moving up huh?! It's always so special to know that they know your name! ha ha!! I especially love when I get to say that I have an appt for my child at the infectious disease doctor!


laura mouro said...

Could you email me about the parasite your daughter has? Our son, Jerome, adopted from Liberia, has the SAME exact symptoms--enlarged spleen, elevated liver enzymes and anemia. We are trying to find out what is wrong.

My email is: