Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Come To Jesus

Yesterday morning I had a Come To Jesus meeting in our living room. The mess in our home had reached a plateau that even I could no longer handle.

I sat all 6 kids down in a circle. We had to have some standards about picking up our toys and clothes. I waved a spatula around while I talked, just for effect.

New Rules:
1. If I find it on the floor, it's mine. This is my basic foundational rule.
2. Shoes always go in the bucket, or they are mine. This one really got Nia moving into action.
3. Clothes go in the appropriate places, or they are mine. They might find themselves with nothing to wear some day because everything has become Mine.
4. Toys go in the right places when you're finished playing with them, or, once again, they are mine.
5. We must, we must, we must decrease this dust. I decided not to go for a record. The thing about dust that has always bothered me is that it's always there. Less than 24 hours after dusting, there it is again. You just can't win with dust.
6. All Super Hero apparel must be contained. Hudson and I sat down in the floor and went through the costumes. He reluctantly let me ditch the 3 that had the most rips. We found a place for them, and if they aren't in their Place, then guess what? Mine.

That's all I could think of spur of the moment. So, we started at the front of the house and worked our way to the back. Didn't quite get the kitchen up to par, but at least the counters are clean for the moment.

If anyone has advice on how to keep wood floors under control, please let me know. Right now I trust our kids' socks to pick up a certain level of dirt while they walk around the house all day. Some days the floors feel like my 7th child. You might notice that I didn't put that picture on the blog. Some of you might not have been able to handle it.


Ariel Allison Lawhon said...

Ah, wood floors...the bane of my existence. They are beautiful, but while picking out things for our homes, no one ever tells us that wood floors take twice the work to keep clean. The upside: when your kids pee on them (as mine do) the cleanup is easy.

Here's what we do: I give the kids the handheld vac to suck up the large bits of stuff on the floor and any dust bunnies they can find. Then comes the dust mop: a heavy duty one with removable cloth covers and the ZEP hardwood cleaner. (You can get ZEP at Home Depot or Lowes. I buy it by the gallon and have a re-fillable spray bottle.)Next one of the boys sprays the floor - they think this is great fun - and I follow behind with the dust mop. At the moment I'm doing well if I get to this once a week. My goal is to do this on Monday's and Thursdays. Maybe one day. You can also sweep the floor before dust mopping, but that takes more work.

laura mouro said...

Angel, we have wood floors, too. I keep mine clean by this:

We have a Behave Behive Behavior chart--and when my kids get a "bee" on their chart for being 1)disrespectful 2) dependent (on me to remind them to do something, like pick up their stuff, turn off lights, etc. 3) hateful 4) chaotic then I give them a bee and they have to work it off by choosing a chore from a chore jar--or I pick what needs to be done MOST, like sweep! :) My floors stay really clean, for the most part and so does my house.

This way, misbehavior works for ME!

Love, Laura

Pregont Family said...

Good one, Laura!

Ariel, I obviously need a super-size dust mop.