Saturday, March 22, 2008

Having It All Together

Lest you mistakenly think I'm All That and More as a wife and mommy, let me just blow that myth right out of the water with a few inside pics of my house.

This is my morning Cup o' Joy. It's sitting on the bar with some of Nia's meds, receipts, mail, empty fruit bowl, a broken incense burner, and some mittens. I just can't figure out how I lost my wedding ring and the key to the freezer....

The is one corner of the boys' room. Now, this is the bane of my existence. Hudson (5yrs) is mostly responsible for this. When you are multiple SuperHeroes, then you must make multiple clothes changes throughout the day, or so I'm told. The white square is the intended target for the t-shirts. Those open drawers hold pants and shorts, or at least they did for 2 minutes after laundry day. Hudson is our Tigger. That's all you need to know when you look at this mess and think of him. He has no idea he is bouncing all over my carrot patch.

This is the dust on my mantle. I swiped away a little so you could see the contrast better.
Maybe I should try to set a record...

This is one corner of my bedroom, my sanctuary, my retreat. No, we didn't just move in last week. We've lived in this house for 9 months. Do you think this is affecting my sleep and sanity?

This is my homeschool area. To me, it's Organized Chaos. To Matt, it's an eyesore. As long as nobody touches or moves anything, I can usually find what I need. Now, if I lived alone doesn't that sound like a good plan? That's a pack of toilet paper in the lower right corner.
I went to Kroger yesterday. :- )
Now, before you think I enjoy living like this, let me say that I've learned to survive with a certain amount of mess over the years. This tolerance of mine has come in handy during our renovation process we've been in for the past year.
But then there are days when it reaches a level that I can no longer tolerate. I get these urges to throw everything out in the front yard and put a match to it. I want nothing but books and candles and Bach in my home. Ahhhh. I can already feel my blood pressure lowering.
But this is my Reality for the present. Don't judge. But for the grace of God, it could be you.


Beth Wilmot said...

Thanks for being real, Angel. My husband actually dared me to post my own pics (the "laundry couch" might be a good place to start!) but hmmm, I can't seem to find my camera. :)

Missy said...

looks like home to me. glad to hear you have tp again.