Saturday, March 08, 2008

Keeping Score

Matt finally here - I believe the score should be Angel - 2; Matt - 1. Granted I didn't go to the YMCA, but I did take down a roof and a deck today at a friend's house.

With that settled, I will move on.....

I am reading Randy Alcorn's great book called Heaven. So, I would like to take a quick Pregont Poll.

Have you heard a sermon about heaven in the last 5 years?

Have you meditated about heaven in the past 5 years?

Before reading this book I would answer NO to the first question. I can only answer yes to the second question because I've read Randy's other books.

I challenge you to get this book and see how easy you find yourself "not reading it." It has been a battle to hunker down and read it (I've had the book for 3.5 years). It has been a battle with fear that this very thick book will be too heady and also that lying voice on my shoulder that says "don't read it, you know enough about the fluffy clouds in the sky...that boring place where only harps play" .

I am learning to "set my heart on the things above,..." Col 3:1, and I'm praying that God would "open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law." Psalm 119:18.

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Ginger said...

Where are the yes & no for me to click on?? :)
Our pastor taught on heaven a couple months ago after reading the book. I had just read it a few months before that. I actually loved reading it. There were so many concepts I'd never tho't about before that the intrigue kept me reading.
It never occurred to me that the way I explain heaven to my kids might sound boring to them. I'm now careful to pretty much agree with their notions that it will be a fun-filled wonderland. :)

Great book rec, Mr. Competitive! lol