Friday, March 07, 2008

My Inner Child

Yesterday afternoon the kids ventured out into our vast wasteland of a back yard to play. They built forts and clubhouses out of scrap wood, sticks, trash, just about anything they could lift. I just love it when they do this. When I was little, I stayed outside all summer long. My feet would be greenish-brown and tough as nails on the bottom. I'd sit in our willow tree and daydream about adventures yet to do, mysteries to solve, castles to be built. I'm still hoping we'll win that Back Yard Makeover from HGTV. Grass, is that too much to ask for?

For today, our forts will be built inside since it's 34 degrees and raining steadily.

Here's my list of toys that I think every kid should have. Sometimes I go through our toys and cull them out until this is all that remains, and this list is still PLENTY, if not excessive. Culling out means anything with batteries goes to Goodwill. I'm not at all good at the art stuff, so I consider anything artsy, including Play-Dough, an outside toy.

1. Unit Blocks
2. Legos
3. Baby Dolls
4. Play Kitchen stuff and Play Toolbox
5. Dress-ups
6. Rubber or plastic animals (farm, zoo, dinosaurs) and a few vehicles to work with the blocks.
7. Art stuff (playdough and cookie cutters, crayons, paper, glue, glitter, scissors, colored paper)
8. Finger Paint
9. Sturdy dollhouse
10. Anything that encourages physical exercise (jump ropes, balls, skates, riding toys, basic sports equipment)
11. Age-appropriate board games.
12. Something for making rhythms and music (pot and a spoon, jingle bells, etc)

Again, this is my dream list. You know, kinda like a Mary Poppins playroom. I just wish I could sing a song and make the room clean itself up.

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