Saturday, March 01, 2008


Re-entry is never easy after being away for a time of reprieve. Our's was especially difficult. We had a flat tire on our 15-passenger van right out of the gates. The spare wasn't reliable enough to drive the remaining 7 hours, so we stopped at a Sears in Montgomery, AL for a new tire. Remember Gilligan's Island, how a 3-hour tour ended up being eternally stranded? Well, our 8-hour drive turned into 12 hours. In the rain.

Ox, our 110-pound black lab welcomed us home with diarrhea in our master bathroom and bedroom. A friend would put him out every day and in the house at night. Apparently, the smell went unnoticed and we spent an hour cleaning up poop. Welcome Home, Pregont Family.....only is wasn't Ty Pennington saying those words. Instead it was Ox's "gift."

And so I continue to pine for the beach. At least today is sunny weather, which always helps. I've done a little scouting on the internet and decided that Ocean Isle, NC, sounds like a good place to raise a family. I'll let you know what God thinks about that plan.

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Brandi said...

Oh I was feeling for you reading this. . I actually read it aloud to my hubby! oh my!!! What a way to ruin your vacation peace that you try so hard to keep for at least a few days at home!