Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It seems our 2 latest additions to the family are both having adjustment issues. Lucy, our new yellow lab, made a break for it on Sunday. She even went to church, doing a couple laps through the Big Harpeth Primitive Baptist Church on the corner, before heading off towards the Salvation Army. Matt and I drove 2 cars around the neighborhood with cell phones in hand, "I've got a visual on 2nd and Berry." She's a fast little booger. After an hour of chasing, we finally cornered her in an alley up against a fence. It was like a cop movie when the bad guy tries to scale a chainlink fence but ends up sliding back down. He's caught and stares wide-eyed into the eyes of the cop. That was Lucy on Sunday.

Today she made another run unbeknownst to us. Once we realized she had somehow escaped, the kids and I drove around the 'hood searching. One man said he nearly hit her with his car at the local BBQ. She was gone for at least 4 hours before a neighbor reported her sniffing around their yard. She was dirty, smelly, tired, and nonrepentant.

I said to the kids, "See what disobedience does? It makes you dirty, smelly, and tired. It steals your joy. Lucy put herself outside of my protection and placed herself in danger. Look at Ox (our other dog) who receives our love and wants to stay within the boundaries of our yard. He's clean, shiny, happy. Jesus wants us to obey so that we can enjoy fellowship with Him. He wants us to have joy and embrace His love for us."

Please, God, let Nia (our other Runner) take all of this to heart. Please help her to understand that our Family Rules are for her own good. We set boundaries because we love her. Once she steps outside of those boundaries, she places herself at risk for danger (spiritually, physically, emotionally).


Michelle said...

I stand in wonder at how it comes so easily for you to find God's lessons in everyday life. Wow. You are certainly living life with your eyes wide open.

You've given me a bible lesson today, Angel! :o) Thank you!

Brandi said...

What a wonderful analogy! (have you been reading shepherding?!) I think Lucy is going to be such a lesson tool for Nia. . .I am standing with you in prayer that God uses it to reach all the way down and Nia allows Him to change her heart from the inside out!