Monday, March 24, 2008

Things are Looking UP!

OR maybe I should say things are turning up. As I was brushing my teeth on Saturday morning, I looked down to see my wedding ring laying on the counter. I had told the kids that if one of them took it, they could return it back where they found it and I wouldn't ask any questions.

The freezer key turned up in the Deli drawer of the fridge. Thank goodness we can eat frozen pizzas again.

Matt fixed the toilet. I bought more toilet paper. There's nothing like running completely out once to make you a believer in stocking up.

I finally figured out that the paper filters were collapsing allowing coffee grounds to clog everything up, so I bought one of those permanent coffee filters to keep the grounds out of my coffee. :- )

I bought some Easter chocolate on clearance today. :- )

Lucy found a new home, complete with a grassy yard, secure fence, and 2 kids.

Meet Lily, our new 1yo Rott/Lab mix. She weighs in at 85 pounds. That's her on the LEFT wearing the pink collar with red name tag. That's Ox on the right. She stands about 1 inch taller than him, but that hasn't stopped him from putting her in her place. He protects the kids from face-licks by nipping at Lily and head-butting her. Lily licks faces with zealous passion. In fact, Isabel's hair often ends up wet from such a licking. Matt and I were awakened to Wet Willy's in our ears on Saturday mornings. She's very affectionate.


Starla said...

I'm soooo glad to hear that your ring turned up. And the key. And that your toilet works, and that you now have TP. Of the little joys of life! Starla

Michelle said...

Thank goodness for the ring and the freezer key. Yikes.

Lilly makes a good match for Ox. Maddie would fit right in! I love black labs. Sorry the runner didn't work out and I'm glad you found her a home.

Who needs a Dyson when you have a Lilly and an Ox? Now if only they would develop a taste for dust... (Then I would also have to invite them over to my house.)