Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Being a Mom

My brother just gave me this little book called "1001 Things It Means To Be a Mom."

Thing #579. Being a mom means hiding candy bars in the back of your closet and eating them after the kids go to bed.

YES! In an ancient house long ago when our kids bedrooms were upstairs, Matt and I used to make chocolate chip cookies and eat them after the kids went to bed. You know, those bake-and-break kind? Admit it.



Lindsay said...

Tyler and I's favorite thing is eating ice cream on the couch together after putting the kids down. Makes it feel like the day wasn't so hard after all :)

Ginger said...

Um, yea, we do that. The first few weeks with our Liberians, we were so stressed we didn't even eat dinner with them. Just sat in there and maintained order during dinner. Then after we put them to bed, we'd relax in the peace & quiet and eat together. We don't do that anymore, but we still have hiding places for goods that we won't share with the littles. LOL!