Sunday, April 20, 2008


Matt and I went to a Family Life Weekend to Remember this past weekend. It's a marriage conference that Family Life does all over the country. We first went when we had been married one year. Ten years and 6 kids later, we went again.

We both kinda entered the weekend thinking it was stuff we already knew. It was, but it was stuff that was fresh to hear again. It put wind in our sails. It reminded us of areas we need to work on. Life is so much different now than 10 years ago. Bad habits form before we even realize it. I highly recommend this retreat to everyone. Go to for more info.

Meanwhile, Jacob has told us that he thinks God wants him to be a preacher when he grows up. He started leading little family devotions last week to his siblings. My soul sings. He even led devotion last Wednesday night at some friend's house. "Turn in your bibles to..." Clive's job is to read the scripture out loud. Then we talk. Then Jacob said, "Mom will you lead us in prayer and I'll close?" He's 8. "Yes, son, I will." Again, my heart sings.


Ginger said...

What a sweet boy you have!

Sara said...

Oh Angel! This warms my heart! I've been waiting to hear how it was. It sounds like it's just as helpful for y'all as it was for us at the ten year juncture. We also felt like we couldn't believe how much more relevant everything was than back in the days when everything was textbook learning (ie married for just a year) vs. life learning (ie married for a decade with a half dozen kids!)

You guys are wonderful, and so are those kids!!!


Michelle said...

Our church is offering this retreat soon, too. I was considering it...

I always knew Jacob would be a great leader. He just has that special something about him. He's proving it now, it appears. I'm so proud of him!

Have I ever told you about Matthew? He was born on 4.19. Matthew 4:19 is the verse, "Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." I too have always felt that Matthew would be a great leader of men, hopefully serving Jesus. It would by my heart's greatest joy!

Scott W said...

My wife and I attended our first Weekend to Remember in our 17th year of marriage. We try to go every two years, just because our marriage is always changing and because leading a large family takes emphasis off our relationship and on the day-to-day parenting.

Even though we're in full time marriage ministry, the Weekend to Remember allows us to focus on OUR marriage and to reconnect and recharge.

Brandi said...

Ok, it warms my heart too! I pray that my kids will want to follow the Lord so passionately when they are his age! Tell him thanks for being a great example to the little ones that look up to him!