Monday, April 07, 2008


Here's the first room you walk into in our house. No real entryway here, just "tada! I'm here!" See the lovely paneling? And can't you just feel the ceiling looming over your head? Remember the masks that people in China wore during that chicken or bird flu epidemic? You'd want one for this room.

That fireplace? Um, well, um, I don't really know except that it used to be for coal, so the flue is too narrow for wood-burning. Bummer. Major Bummer.

Here's the same room now. Paneling is gone. Ceiling torn out to reveal the original 10-ft ceiling. The fireplace bricks were uncovered after we took off the paneling and the white bricks around that stove-thing. There was all manner of dust and soot cascading out the mouth of the open fireplace. So, Matt covered the hole of the original fireplace with plywood that he stained to match a mantel that we found on Craigslist. That's some kind of green marble at the base of the "fireplace." Those wood floors are orignal, which makes them about 108 years old now. They were under that hideous, rank, infested carpet. Yes, folks, we have vision. "Vision" is not what our family called it when we bought the house, and we've doubted it ourselves more than once in the past year-and-a-half. But now that we're halfway done with this whole venture (to date, the 2nd floor is still unlivable), we're pretty sure we have Vision. Most of the time.


Sara said...

Baby, you have Vison with a capital V! I'm so happy for you! I'd only ever seen the "after" so I'm happy to now see the "before"! Bravo, my friend! Bravo! And I thought the same thing about Nia's soccer picture!

Love you so!


Pregont Family said...

Sara- Matt here. Show JT and Nick the pictures. They saw the plaster and the total mess.

Brandi said...

That's amazing! I have friends who bought a 100 year old house that was pretty much condemned when they moved in and worked on it while they lived there! Yours isn't quite so bad off, but I still commend you!

Great job so far!

charity! said...


I just love your house! You guys have done a great job!!!

Michelle said...

Wonderful! Amazing! Love it! You have always had an eye for interior design, as long as I've known you.