Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When I Grow Up

I asked the kids this morning at breakfast what they want to be when they grow up.

Jacob 8 - "I wanna be a preacher."
Clive 7 - "I wanna mine for precious gems."
Nia 8 - "I wanna sew and braid hair and play soccer."
Hudson 5 - "I wanna hike and eat puffy Cheetos. And if I see a snake I'll shoot it."
Isabel 4 - "I wanna be a baseball player and eat puffy Cheetos when I'm tired."
Eva 3 - "I wanna be a princess."

Me, too.


Michelle said...

I can so see Clive with the miners helmet on and a pick ax. LOL
This was great!

Ginger said...

So here's my interpretation of that quiz:

Jacob is a firstborn
Clive is a boy
Nia is probably Liberian (lol!)
Hudson and Isabel must both be boys, who never get enough junk food
Eva *is* a princess


Pregont Family said...

Yes, my kids dream of going to birthday parties so they can have juice boxes and junk food.

Sara said...

The thought just occured to me that in being a mom, you're getting to do all of these things! Well, except being a snake shooting princess!