Monday, May 12, 2008

Being Humble

Whenever I start feeling like I'm All That And More, there's always swimsuit season to bring me down several hundred notches. The pool at the local Y opens Memorial Day Weekend. Reality Looms in the very near future.

I remember a mentor of mine several years ago talking about being at the pool with her kids. She said there was every kind of physical shape and size of parents. Pasty white ones, burnt ones, ones with farmer's tans, brown ones, shiny black ones. Skinny ones, fat ones, fit ones. Big chests, flat chests. Smooth thighs, dimpled thighs. But the interesting thing is that none of the kids seemed to notice any of those traits about their parents. Truth is, all they'll remember is spending time with Mom and Dad and having fun together.

Lord, help me to only remember the fun times I'm having with my kids, and not that great-looking mom in the bikini whom I KNOW has fake boobs.


Lindsay said...

AMEN sister. 3 babies in 4 years has left me wandering where my body ran off to.

Brandi said...

Oh MY, you crack me up!

I'm soooo with you. . I'm going to Aquatica on Thursday. NOT looking forward to it.. .you think I could wear my coverup all day?


Ariel Allison Lawhon said...

My body didn't run away, it was more of a droop - as much as three inches in some places! I expected the bosoms to succomb to gravity, but the rear end collapse totally caught me off guard, as did the separated abdominal muscles (massive babies) and the hail damage. I know that some people don't agree with this, but I plan on getting it all fixed one day - you know, when I have more money than sense!