Friday, May 23, 2008

Being Liberian

There's just certain things Nia does that remind me of being in Liberia. Seeing her in this tree at 8am this morning is one of them. I remember seeing kids hanging from trees everywhere we went in Monrovia.
Here are some other things:
~carrying things on her head (plates, toys, toilet paper, and so forth)
~turning a bucket upside down and playing it like a drum at 7am
~being comfortable sitting around doing nothing (Liberians seem to be experts at just sitting)
~putting her dolls on her back with a blanket wrapped around herself and the doll (I forget the techinical name for this)
~playing games called "Plant my rice, Water my rice, Cut down my rice"
~her incessant love of flip flops, also known as shower shoes
~saying, "I cannot bear my pee"
~wanting rice for breakfast....and lunch......and dinner......and snacks


Jeff Lynn said...

What a great picture!

MommaofMany said...

That's a great picture of her! My kids (birth and locally adopted) love to climb and hang from trees, too. They also swaddle their babies and nurse them. They do not carry things on their heads, but, then again, neither do I, so they haven't seen it modeled!