Friday, May 09, 2008

Dead Birds

For about 2 weeks now dead birds have been showing up in my yard by the dozens. I bagged and froze a few of them and called the environmental people, thinking we had a case of West Nile right here in our back yard. They weren't interested in testing the birds unless they were Robins, Crows, or Bluejays. Since I couldn't identify their mud-soaked little bodies I finally threw them out.

But they kept turning up here and there around our back yard.

Today, Nia looked out the back window and caught Lily, our 1yr-old black lab, swiping a paw and knocking a sweet birdie out of the air. Lily then, of course, picked it up in her mouth. "Ma! Lily killed de buuurd!" So, we all took a trip out to the scene of the crime. There lay a little bird, still breathing, broken bones, puncture marks. "Ma! It's still breeding! Let's take it inside!"

It was a hard lesson for my kids to learn as we watched little bird take it's last breath. Lily just layed down beside it and nudged it with her nose. I think she just wanted to play with it. I suspect it will be a long summer of dead birds in our yard now.

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