Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dentists and Gardens

Took all 6 kids to the dentist today. We have a really great dentist office that really takes us in stride. There's not really anybody else there when we're there because they can't fit more than 6 kids in the cleaning rooms. Everybody walks away with a free toothbrush, so we're all pretty happy about the experience. No cavaties today, which is rare.

I'm trying to muster up enough gumption to plant some tomatoes and herbs. I bought these 3 huge pots for such a purpose. Although my parents had quite a hefty-sized garden when I was little, I just didn't pay a lot of attention to the process of planting, weeding, harvesting, canning. So, I'm a little timid at the age of 38 to give an herb garden my best shot.

What have you planted and how did it turn out?


Ariel Allison Lawhon said...

I've got tomatoes, basil, and rosemary in pots on the back patio. So far, so good. A few containters, some potting soil, and water every other day and you'll have an instant garden. I've got my first red tomato on the vine now.

Grab your maters and basil and toss them with pasta and feta and you'll have an instant dinner.

MommaofMany said...

This year I made a tiny herb garden in a strawberry pot. It's my first successful attempt at making an herb garden. It's going fairly well. The rosemary died, but everything else is doing ok and the parsley is thriving!

I have two tomato plants on a very large pot. One is a big boy, one a cherry. They are covered with little green tomatoes, and one already turned red. I picked it and ate it, but it wasn't really ready. It was spicy tasting!

Deana Marcum said...

Hey Angel, if you want some help/advice with canning let me know, I'd be glad to help. I'm getting some strawberries at the Franklin Farmer's Market tomorrow morning ot make strawberry jam Monday. If you can low acid food (eg. veggies like green beans) a pressure cooker is a MUST! I use hot water baths for fruits and tomatoes but the others need the pressure cooker. I have one you could borrow if needed. Also I just got my Domestic Kitchen Certification from the State Thursday, so after 3 plus hours of Microbiology alone I'm changing the way I can food now!!!! : )

Also check out my friend Jessie Hawkins she has an AWESOME EBOOK available called the "Herbal Kitchen". I highly recommend it.


Starla said...

If your kids are anything like mine they would love to have things growing. We are eating lots of salad, zucchini, green beans, swiss chard, beets, radishes and are waiting on the tomatoes. They are just starting to turn red. Taylor and LiAnne love to go and find what is ready to be picked and eaten.


Anonymous said...

Angel, you don't even want to know what I have growing in my garden! LOL!!!

Let's see...We've got a potato patch that's about 1/2 acre. We've got tomatoes, peppers, onions, sweet potatoes, beans, squash, cucumber, and winter squash in the other garden (about another 1/2 acre). I've already canned 20 gallons of strawberries, 60 pounds of ground meat, 25 pounds of pinto beans, 25 pounds of Lima beans, 25 pounds of navy beans. Good gravy, the list goes on and on...

The kids love it, unless I'm standing over them like the prison warden making them pull weeds LOL!

If you need help with your canning, I'm a seasoned pro.

Have fun!!

~Michelle P.

Michelle said...

Ah, I have memories of a certain tomato-snatcher in my backyard a couple of years ago...