Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Flowers for Mother's Day

I'm on an East Nashville Crime Watch internet group. This man who started it has a police radio and sends us all an email everytime something happens in East Nashville. We get emails about robberies, suspicious-looking people and cars (like house alarm salespeople who go door to door), break-ins, etc. The real exciting emails are the ones when the choppers are up. "Chopper over Fatherland St. Someone's on the run." It's always nice to be in the know about the goings on in my part of town.

The most interesting email I get is always around Mother's Day. The owner of the internet group warns us to bring in our hanging and potted plants the week before Mother's Day. Apparently, in neighborhoods like mine these things are potential Mother's Day gifts for the sweet, beloved moms of thieves. My 200-year-old neighbor across the street, Ms. Sue, only puts out plastic flowers in her pots. I always wondered how she kept her flowers looking so good during last year's drought.

What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day? I need some ideas. Quickly.


Brandi said...

I bought my Mother-In-Law a Flicker Of Hope Candle!

Still haven't figured out what to do for my mom. . wow, I guess that's in just a couple of days. Guess I should be up on that by now!


Action Alz said...

We've got some interesting Mother's Day options if you'd like to take a look at our blog.

Also, use coupon code ALZ4 at 1-800 Flowers for 10% off through Mother's Day!

Chrissa said...

My friend moved to Fatherland several years ago. His pretty ferns disappeared the week before his first Mother's Day there. My friends and I bring that up every now and then and still laugh about it!


Erin said...

Since we're in Ireland and my parents are in Texas, my Mom wanted pictures of the kids. So we are burning a CD full of pics and that way she can just print off whatever ones she wants. And I'm printing off a few for her. We celebrate Mother's Day here in March so next year I will remember to buy my Mom a card in March since there aren't any out right now. :0)

Pregont Family said...

I remember when I lived in N. Ireland as an exchange student and had to get a Mother's Day card early, too.

Chrissa, thanks for confirming that people actually steal flowers from your yard to give to their Mother over here in the 'hood.