Friday, May 16, 2008

Greeting the Day

On the mornings I drag my hiney out of bed at 5:08am and go to the Y for a workout, I greet the day. On the other mornings when I sleep in til 7am, the day slaps me up side the head. Which poses the question, why is it soooooo hard for me to haul it out of bed early EVERY morning when the pros seem to outweigh the cons? Why does the illusion of sleeping in seem so compelling? Does my body Really need that much sleep? I've always envied those people who condition themselves to require 6 hours of sleep. I remember hearing my mamaw (that's southern for 'grandmother' for those of you from the north) talk about how she'd wasted the day because she slept in til 6am.

Ideally, I'd love to get up early without resenting it. Resentment sets in the night Before I get up to go work out early at 5:08am. It continues all through the night when I roll over to look at the clock and count my remaining hours. It's still there while I'm tying my shoes at 5:13am. Somewhere about the time I walk into the Y at 5:25am and see all those people already breaking a sweat who got there at 5am, my resentment is gone.

What time do you get up and are you happy with that time? Why or why not?


Ally said...

You make me LOL when I read some of your entries. Thanks for putting humor into sometimes humorless situations. I started last summer for the first time in my life getting to the gym by 5:30 a.m. It's a struggle every day but I am so thankful when I make it and miserable when I don't. I liked your analogy of morning slapping you in the face. I'm even somewhat disappointed that the Y doesn't open at 5 am Saturday and Sunday. Keep doing it Angel, because it is so worth it. When you do it first thing, nothing can get in the way the way life does when you have a bunch of kids.
p.s. I finally figured out how to leave a comment. Duh!!!

Pregont Family said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Ally! I need to know someone else is doing it, too!

Uncle Mark said...

I'm not up going to the "Y" every morning, but getting up to go to work at the same time every day becomes habit. Even on weekends when I don't have to get up early!! I sometimes wish I could sleep in, but my eyes and brain won't cooperate. I'm proud of you for taking care of yourself, even if you have to lose sleep to do it.

Melodie said...

For me, if I have had enough sleep (about 7.5 hours) I can get up fine and feel okay about it, even if it is really early. But I know that just being short one hour can make getting up really hard. So I don't know how consistent you are with the number of hours you are getting (or how possible it is to get to bed at a good time) but a consistent 7-8 hours should really help.

All 8 of Us said...

Hi Angel,
I can sooo relate. For me the issue is when am I getting to bed at night. Ideally I need to get up at 5am to get my quiet time and exercise (video) in but I confess, it hasn't happened for at least a week and I too feel slapped up side the head :(
One book that I read last summer really helped me to see it needs to be a priority...I highly recommend it and will probably revisit it this's an easy read and I think you'll be inspired to keep up the hard work!!it's called Shopping for Time: How To Do it all and Not Be Overwhelmed by Carolyn Mahaney, Janelle Bradshaw, Kristen Chesmore and Nicole Whitacre (It's a mom and her 3 dtrs)

Also did you know there's an adoption haircare site' that talks about the 'how to' of locking hair?? They also deal with lots of other hair and skin issues but here's the address for it
I enjoy reading your say it like it is :) Thanks for being real!!

Pregont Family said...

Sounds like a good book recommendation, except I think I'd retitle it "How to Get Your Kids to Do It All." :-)

I had forgotten about that yahoo hair group. I'm already a member, so I just need to get on there and ask the questions. Thanks for reminding me about it!

Kori said...

I HATE mornings and always have. I keep wanting to change that but still find myself up way too late to drag myself out of bed any earlier than I have to so I get up about 6:45 on week days to get my oldest ready for Kindergarten. On weekends I get up closer to 8 or 9 sometimes. But you have encouraged me to try what I have been wanting to do which is get up early and get to the Y. I know if I would do it early it would set the tone for the rest of my day - somehow I just have to get to bed earlier and that is the hardest part I think - giving up that alone time.

Erin said...

I do not like mornings that start before 7 pm. I definitely have a hard time getting to bed before 11 pm nowadays. Partly b/c I enjoy my evenings to do whatever I like and b/c it has become a habit. I need 8 hrs. of sleep on a regular basis. Now that our youngest, who just turned 1, has stopped going back to sleep when he wakes up early there is no reason for me not to get up and exercise. Just walking, praying, listening and worshiping in the morning before the other children wake up would be such a refreshing way to start the day.

Erin said...

Ha! Ha! Meant to say mornings that start before 7 am.