Friday, May 16, 2008

Not Dreading the Locks

Nia got her locks touched up yesterday. She looks really tired in this picture because she had been sitting at the salon for 3.5 hours. Beauty has a price. We have to get touch-ups about every 4-6 weeks. I really, really need to learn how to do this myself.

Her Loctician has a Medusa of locks that fall clear down to her hiney. Nia aspires to this.


Missy said...

Can't wait to see this process :o)

On another note. I'm so glad to see you all liked The Shack. I just finished posting a few thoughts about it on my blog. I fear some of my ultra conservative friends and family may frown on my thoughts. I absolutley loved it though.

And, as far as what time I get up..there is absolutely no consistency there whatsoever. I wish I could be a 5 am er on a regular basis too. My days would be much more productive.

Faith said...

I LOVE locs! We just cut our 2 year olds off(boy) but they weren't locing right so we need to try them again. Maybe I should go to a loctician? Nia looks great...

Pregont Family said...

Yes,girlfriend, your son needs a loctician. I'd never heard of one until we started locking Nia's hair. Nia's hair will look better the more it grows out. She still struggles with it not looking very feminine right now.

Tameshia said...

I have read your blog for quite sometime, and for some reason, this post of Nia with locs prompted me to write.

She looks absolutely beautiful. Keep encouraging her to appreciate and embrace her beauty, naturally. I WISH I had when I was her age, instead of dreading (no pun?) my natural hair.

You and your family are truly a blessing and reading your blog has been inspiring.