Monday, June 23, 2008

Healthy Snacks

With summer here and us on the go more, I feel like a walking pantry. I need water and snacks for the pool, the zoo, the park, baseball games, and so forth.

What are your healthy, portable snacks (besides fruit) ?


Ariel Allison Lawhon said...

Trailmix. Fruit Leather (think fruit roll-ups without all the sugar). Graham Crackers. String Cheese. Baby Carrots. Grape Tomatoes. Yogurt. Banana Bread. Golden Raisens. Yogurt Covered Raisens. Pretzels. Frozen Cherries. Pickles. Applesauce.

Just a few things I try to keep around the house at all times.

laura mouro said...

Oatmeal balls (recipe on my blog)--healthy and easy to carry along.


Sara said...

From Costco (but still expensive... but very yummy and healthy) "On Track Natural Fruit Bars" $.50 each, and Sahale Snacks, probably more like $1 each. They are raw nuts and fruit in an interesting mix that is crazy good (less kid friendly than the fruit bars)