Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mother Bear

Hell hath no furry like a mom who THINKS her kids have been scorned.

Yesterday at the YMCA Pool I thought the Y Camp Counselor said a racial remark whilst his Camp Kids were swimming. The Mother Bear in me came out with both paws swinging. Once he clarified his remark and I realized I had misunderstood, I backed down, apologized, and admitted that I over-reacted. I was embarrassed at this point, and wanted to quickly walk away and hide under a rock. But the situation escalated until he threatened to report me (to whom?). Ten minutes later I left there having let him get the best of me, and I was feeling like some crazy, whacked-out mommy monster.

Let me explain, he wasn't the type to accept someone's apology and be done with it, he continued to belittle me and I let him add fuel to my anger. Have you ever tried to talk to someone only to have them constantly interrupt you? That's him. Apparently, nobody ever told him to use "I" statements.

Anyways, what's your Mother Bear story? When have you gone to bat for your kids, justifiably or not?


Charity said...

Hmmm it's so hard to choose just ONE. lol. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Missy said...

oh angel, where art thou? missing your posts :o)

Starla said...

You must be having a busy summer, cause you haven't been here lately. Hope all is well. Starla

MommaofMany said...

Are you guys ok? I has been checking now and then and have been wondering what's going on!