Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mower Man

Every night, usually more than once, we detect the presence of Mower Man riding down the street on his riding lawn mower. We always hear him, even if we're in our house. He usually doesn't emerge until dusk and we've heard him as late (or early) as 2am. It's just an unusual site for living in the city..... seeing a man riding his lawn mower down the street on a daily basis.

Does he use it for his primary transporatation? Does he mow lawns with it all day? Are that many lawns within "drivng" distance for consistent work every day?

Regardless, Mower Man remains a mystery.

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Charity said...

That's too funny. I am from MT and my Dad lives in a tiny little town..there is a man who has gotten so many dui's that he is never allowed to drive again.

This man drives his riding lawn mower EVERYWHERE!!

Too funny.