Sunday, June 01, 2008


First of all, you people thoroughly intimidate me with gardening and canning. I decided to stick with 3 tomato plants, red bell pepper, banana pepper, and some herbs. Michelle, 25 lbs of pinto beans? Already? Mercy me.

So summer is here. This year we are fortunate to be members of our local YMCA, which includes their lovely pool. All of a sudden my kids don't want to get near any schoolbooks or pencils. They just want to swim. And eat popsicles. I've made a list of things we can do to pass the summer effectively (that means something that helps me not to feel guilty as a mother). There's always the zoo, a plethora of VBS to attend, free outdoor concerts here and there, the library, baseball.

When I was a kid I just played outside from sun-up til sun-down. My feet would be greenish-brown on the bottom and I could run on shrapnel by the end of the summer without flinching. Sometimes we'd get to go to the pool, as long as no church members knew about it. (Some of them didn't approve of sinful sunbathing). At night I'd catch fireflies in a Mason jar, fill it with grass, and poke holes in the lid. They still died. I'd practice turning cartwheels and teach myself how to throw up my own baseball and then hit it with the bat. I also loved to wash the cars. Sometimes my dad would let me drive the tractor around our yard. But I was still enough of a little girl to bring my Barbies outside for adventures in the tall "jungle grass" filled with all manner of dangerous bugs and ants. I could never figure out why my mom wouldn't let me start a real live campfire for my Barbies when they were in the wild fending off beasts.

I know this sounds all rose-colored, but I really do have good childhood memories of summer. We didn't have a lot of neighbors, so I spent a lot of time using my imagination. Maybe that's why I'm still pretty good at creating memories before they even happen. I can buy a house, hang curtains, and celebrate birthdays in the backyard.....all in my head.

So, let's talk about YOUR summer, either past, present, or imagined.

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Anonymous said...

Just a quick note...I can all my beans from dried beans. It's easier than fresh and I don't have to cook them for 3 hours just to eat one pot! LOL!!
Michelle P.