Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Working Hard, or Not

Doll Bench by Nia Pregont

This morning Nia came downstairs carrying a bunch of scrap wood, nails, and a kid's wooden hammer. She just walked straight past me, out to the back porch and started hammering away. Half an hour later she brought in this doll bench. Now I sign her up for woodworking class??

Isabel is actually quite a reliable helper. She spent hours painting trim wood for the upstairs. I always liked helping out my dad when I was little, too.

Matt has been working like a borrowed mule trying to finish the upstairs. He's been hanging door and doing trim this past week. I had a decorating party last night, which involved having a few girlfriends over to help put some stuff up on the walls. I used to enjoy this kind of thing, but lately I truly just want someone else to do it for me. It's too overwhelming...."a little to the right" or "that goes better in that room with that thingy." At one point I lost complete control as my friends were taking down things I'd already hung last year and moving them elsewhere. How's that for a vote in one's decorating confidence?

I would've added pics of all the other kids helping out, but there aren't any. Hmmm.

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Starla said...

Isabel looks like she was having fun helping...a little paint on the wood, a little paint on me, more on the wood, more on me.....