Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mad Skills

Matt here.

This weekend I was showing a friend of ours, Delane, some work I did on the house. After seeing the hardwood floors I installed in our master closet (see below), she turned and said "Matt, man you have Mad Skills!"

One part of me was all bashful (aka self-shaming), thinking "oh, it was no big deal, I'm not as good as...." The other part of me, the new me that is trying to get out of my shell and LIVE, was saying "Damn right I've got Mad Skills!!"

So, let's take a look at the mad skills I've learned while rehabing this house:

  • I can demo a house (if I get lung cancer it is because of the plaster, and not the smoking I did in high school)

  • Don't give breakfast money up front to a crackhead that's working on your house (I think he's still eatn' at the Waffle House)

  • Don't have an open pit fire with 12 ft boards burn during the day, the fire fighters didn't like having to drive the truck in the alley and hose it down

  • I can plumb a house
  • I can install a tankless water heater (next time I won't need JMac's help)
  • I can install any fixture, light, sink or toilet known to man
  • Trim, not a problem - as long as you have a ton of caulk

  • Hanging a door is as easy as a politician spending my money

  • Siding is a piece of cake

  • Don't believe the tenant who lives upstairs is really smoking a cigar that just happens to smell like pot
  • Don't hire a painter who is off thier meds (can you believe he painted the outside of my house in the rain?!)

  • 40 ozers aren't that bad (if you understand this, go to AA tonight)

  • Matching the stain of a mantle and hanging the mantle (even if I procrastinated for about a month) isn't that hard

  • Thanks to Eloy Saban (Temp Control 615-586-2495), I can install electrical plugs and run wire
  • Don't leave two claw foot tubs in your back yard, they will get stolen. But if you do, get a homeless man to live in your house while you renovate- great security. Also, came to be a good friend.

  • Most important, I learned how to back-up my trailer with my big 'ol van
Mad Skills I taught my kids:
  • how to paint trim

  • how to cut back wires from the plastic coating

  • how to think ahead before you start a project (what you need, how you will do it, how to properly set-up your workspace, and how to keep safe)

  • why caulk is so important

  • how to start a fire in a 50 gallon drum!!!


Pregont Family said...

You da man, honey!

Matt forgot to add that he now understands what it means to work like a borrowed mule.


Erin said...

I thought the lessons learned list was so funny even if it was true. Wonderful lessons you've taught your children. And I like how you guys gave the derelicts of society jobs. Do we get to see pics of the final renovations?

Lindsay said...

Now will you move to Lawrence and help us with our house?!?!?!

Pregont Family said...

Hey, the head of my dept is now out of Kansas City, so there maybe a chance to hange out, even do a project. You got room for the 8 of us?

Lindsay said...

we'll MAKE room for you guys!!

Michelle said...

So glad you are paving the way for us when it's our turn! You'll be our 'go-to' man. You rock!