Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trying on Jeans

There's nothing like trying on jeans that will drive a woman to drinking.

I thought I'd give it a whirl today since I had some time by myself (thank you, Matt). So, I started out at Old Navy. I knew deep in my heart that anyone past puberty shouldn't try on jeans there. But I thought, maybe, just maybe there might be a chance for me since I'd been working out for 6 months. Six l-o-n-g months. But I was wrong. In fact, I've never been more wrong.

Then I went to the upscale mall to try out Lucky jeans, which came highly recommended from a friend. Never mind they cost about $110, for the right pair a woman will eat beans and rice for 3 months to afford a pair of jeans that look good on her. Anyways, I walked in, told the sales clerk I'd never set in foot in the store before and needed help. She cheerily went to work pulling out all manner of jeans for me to try. Although I felt shrink-wrapped in her selections, she insisted that they would loosen up after a couple of days. So, what was I supposed to do during those 2 days when I couldn't breathe?

My mood was plunging to depths that would require huge amounts of chocolate to self-medicate as I left Lucky empty-handed. Whatever happened to good ole jeans that were your best friend? Jeans that had a zipper longer than 1/2 inch? Jeans that didn't gap open at the back of your waist? Jeans that were high enough in back to cover your butt crack when you sit down? Jeans that left something to one's imagination instead of revealing every single body flaw known to womankind?

Tell me, please! What jeans have been your faithful friend?


Chrissa said...

You're CRACKing me up (no pun intended)!!! Did you try the "Flirt" at Old Navy? I'm sure you did if you were there that long. That's my favorite pair of jeans ever and they were $20 when I bought them. About a month ago, GMA did a piece on jeans that fit almost every woman's figure and that was the winner. They retail for $29.50, so that's a big plus to me as well. Two great ones at Gap are "Curvy" and "Long and Lean". I'm a curvy girl, so you wouldn't think I could include the long and lean in that statement, but they're great as well. They were also clearance $20.

Oprah's favorite jeans start at about $150 and I was determined to find the boutique in SoHo the last time I was in NYC. I never made it there and I'm glad since I found great ones here for $20!!!

Chrissa said...

I also get asked if I've lost weight when I wear the Old Navy jeans, another HUGE plus!!! I was wearing them last week and was told that my legs look skinny. My legs have NEVER looked skinny a day in my life!!! I always buy the darker washes, which make me feel like I'm dressing up more as well as being slimming. Usually the darker washes are on sale at the end of Spring, that's when I bought both of my $20 pairs.

Happy shopping!!!

Pregont Family said...

I love you, Chrissa! Another REAL woman! I'll give those suggestions a try.

Lindsay said...

Hey Angel. Sorry it's been awhile since I've commented...but I'm still a faithful reader. I LOVE GAP jeans, and another brand called Mrs Me. I've been hearing about a brand called "Not Your Daughters Jeans", they're at Nordstroms. I haven't tried them, but as soon as I can get to a Nordstroms, I will.

Pregont Family said...

I've heard of Not Your Daughter's Jeans. Where's a Nordstroms when you need one?

Where do you find Mrs. Me?


Ariel Allison Lawhon said...

Sad to say my favorite jeans are my good old fashioned overalls. BUT I did have a pair that I used to love before I had children. I'm considering having them matted and framed cause they will never get on this three time post-partum and currently pregnant self again.

Honestly, I have taken to trying on men's jeans because they give me a little extra room in the tummy and hips, and lets face it: I need it!

Michelle said...

Ok, I am by NO means making fun of you by sharing this (because rest assured dear friend, I have the same issues you do...especially the 1/2 inch zipper and gap in the rear waist department, lol), but reading your post brought to mind one of my favorite SNL commercials. Check it out:
I hope you get a laugh or two.

Melodie said...

Many people face your problem. They think they are the only ones who might want to where something other than "Super Low Rise Skinny" jeans. They think something must be wrong with them (too short? too fat?) when they don't slip beautifully into the first pair they try on. Here is my word of advice to you.

1. EVERYONE has trouble finding jeans. The reason is that people are of all shapes and sizes...and so are jeans! So you have to be patient and casually keep your eye out for a good pair. Spending a day at the mall knowing you MUST come home with a new pair is just too much pressure. I see buying jeans the same way I see buying a bathing suit; It takes time and checking out a lot of different stores and styles.

2. I don't even fit/look good in Old Navy jeans and I'm sure we are not that different in size! I don't know what it is, but I'm not a big fan.

3. You need to determine what your figure type is before you will be able to successfully fit a pair of jeans. For example, I am a size 8 in jeans. But sometimes when I try on a pair of jeans, I can only squeeze into the 10s and they DO NOT look good. What I learned is that I should ALWAYS be a size 8, but the difference was the cut of the jean. If the cut was right, then the 8's look great. For example, with my curves I can't wear jeans that say "slim through hip and thigh". But I also can't wear "Sits just below natural waist" since my natural waist is small in contrast to my hips.

4. The jeans should be "close fitting" when you first buy them, but not skin tight. For me "close fitting" stretches to "just right" in a few hours, not days. I don't know what that girl was talking about.

I have found great jeans at New York and Company and The Limited. I pray about it and then hit the sale racks! I've never spent more than $25 on a pair of jeans. My mom gets hers from Cold Water Creek.

This has been your Finding the Perfect Jeans tutorial by Melodie. Please stay tuned for Finding the Perfect Bathing Suit next week.

Erin said...

I can't really help w/the jeans prob. since I had to give away my favorite jeans b/c after baby #3, my hips won't fit in them anymore. Very sad. I am one of those people that like Gap jeans and have them for years. I actually found those that sit low, not too low, on the hips worked best after having babies.
Keep us posted on your quest for the perfect jeans.